Hometown Favourites

Eat like a local!  These hometown favourites will each offer a unique bite - ready your forks!

food picture

Food Picture

Food Picture

Food Picture

The Dish Cafe
77 Government Road West
Connect: marker 705-465-3200

Federal Tavern
4 Day Avenue
Connect: marker 705-567-5161

Fern's Restaurant
38 Second Avenue
Connect: marker 705-567-1101

The Franklin
60 Government Road West
Connect: marker 705-462-2424

Gimme Wun
8 Prospect Avenue
Connect: marker 705-642-7177

Gold Country Restaurant
6122 Hwy 11
Connect: marker 705-642-1934

Kenogami Bridge Inn
Hwy 11, Kenogami
Connect: 705-642-3227

Kenogami's Kitchen
5503 Hwy 11, Kenogami
Connect: marker 705-642-1970

Muddy Moose Restaurant
14530 Government Road, Larder Lake
Connect: marker 705-643-2600

Pagoda Restaurant
8 Government Road West
Connect: 705-567-3288

Plum Blossom Bakery Cafe
59 Kirkland Street West
Connect: marker 705-462-2246

Teck2Go Takeout
70 Woods Street
Connect: marker 705-567-6633

Vienna's Bar and Grill
5 Government Road West
Connect: marker 705-567-5959

White Eagle and Polish Hall
8 Woods Street
Connect: marker 705-567-4774
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